Becoming an SDMX Maintenance Agency

In order to define structural metadata in the SDMX world, these structures must be owned by an organisation. This organisation is known as a Maintenance Agency. Before requesting to become an SDMX Maintenance Agency it is important to know how SDMX keeps a track of the organisations that are recognised maintenance agencies.
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There are two ways to become a Maintenance Agency responsible for SDMX structures:

1. Ask the SDMX Secretariat to be placed in the SDMX Agency Scheme using the form on the left

2. If your organisation is already in an SDMX Agency Scheme (either the SDMX Agency Scheme or a lower level scheme) and you wish to be a "sub agency" of your organisation then contact your own organisation's SDMX responsible department.

If you just want to be a registered user that can author content for your organisation then go here to see how to do this.